– 400g Bartolini whole-grain pasta;
– about 400g turkey breast;
– 10 marinated dried tomatoes, cut into strips;
– 2 large cloves of garlic cut into thin slices;
– 5 tbsps. olive oil;
– 1 mozzarella ball dried from brine (about 100g);
– 10 basil leaves;
– 125 ml semi-dry white wine;
– 1/4 tsp spicy pepper;
– salt and pepper.

Time: 20-25 min


Clean the turkey breast thoroughly, cut it into pieces of a size similar to the pasta, then fry on 2 tablespoons of pre-heated olive oil. Next, remove the turkey from the pan and put it aside.
Heat the remaining olive oil on the pan, which should be dried from fluid, and fry the garlic and dried tomatoes lightly. When the garlic browns, add the turkey and peppers, and mix the contents. Next, add wine and reduce the flame, cooking the mixture until only a small amount of liquid remains on the pan.
Add pasta cooked al dente according to the recipe on the packaging, a tablespoon of water used to cook the pasta, 2 tbsps of the dried tomatoes' marinate and freshly ground pepper as desired. Mix all ingredients with basil leaves and mozzarella, both ripped into smaller pieces.