Bartolini changes its image on its 25-year anniversary!

Bartolini celebrated its 25th year of activity in 2016. Because this is such an important moment in our company’s history, we are pleased to inform you that we have decided to reboot the visual identification system of our flagship “Bartolini” brand. Our new logo is modern and simple, following global trends in communication. Its color scheme and seal refer to the colors we used earlier and continue many years of tradition while highlighting our achievements until now. The introduction of the lotus flower is a sign of our transformation over the last 25 years. Following in the tracks of our renewed logo, we have developed and implemented new product series in a visually appealing graphical layout that fits the contents of the packaging. This change of image is an integral part of implementing the company’s new growth plan. This plan is mainly based on systematic expansion of innovative and ecological products in our portfolio and focusing activities on reaching the broadest possible group of people who are aware and appreciate having the highest quality in their kitchen. At the same time, measures have been taken to maintain the high quality of traditional products.