– 400g Bartolini Eko pasta;
– 250g ground pork;
– 250g ground beef;
– 500g tomato puree;
– 3 medium carrots;
– 2 stalks celery;
– 2 medium red onions;
– 200 ml dry red wine;
– 200 ml beef broth;
– 3 tbsps. olive oil;
– 2 flat tsps. dried oregano;
– parmesan;
– pepper, salt and sugar.

Time: 75 min


Dice washed and peeled onions, carrots and celery finely and fry on a pan with olive oil for about 1 minute (medium flame). Next, add meat, a pinch of salt, pepper and a flat teaspoon of oregano. Mix until the meat will be completely broken up and braised. Next, add red wine. When the wine can no longer be seen as a liquid, add about 100 ml of broth and mix the contents. After about 3 minutes, add tomato puree, the remaining oregano, a pinch of sugar as well as salt and pepper for flavor. Mix all ingredients and cook on a small flame for about an hour, adding bullion from time to time so that the sauce does not stick to much to the pan.
Serve the sauce with pasta cooked al dente according to the recipe on the packaging and grated parmesan.